Forbidden Witches, SM Reine

Beautiful woman with long hairs

In a week, straight A student and total good girl Leah Todd is supposed to graduate with her bachelor’s degree.

Then she receives a mysterious tarot card in the mail and everything changes.

The tarot card seems to serve as a VIP ticket into a show by a metal band called The Forbidden. She’s never heard of them before, but the instant she lays eyes on the lead singer, Rage, she knows that she’s much more than a fan.

She’s found where she needs to be.

Weirder still, the band agrees. They’ve been waiting for a tarot witch like Leah to save Graham, a dying werewolf, by mating with him. The problem is that Leah’s not a witch, she doesn’t believe in magic, and she quickly falls for the wrong werewolf. But Donne doesn’t seem to return the feelings. In fact, he might kind of hate her.

As high priest of his coven, Rage has solutions for Leah. All she needs to do is surrender her life to the coven, the werewolf pack… and to him.

Author’s Note:
Due to explicit sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers 18+ only.

Genre: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance
Title: Forbidden Witches
Series: Tarot Witches #2
Author: SM Reine
Publisher: Red Iris Books

Source: Amazon
Pages: 223
Date: 12.9.14
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

So this book is very different from Caged Wolf. Leah’s a twenty-year-old Mormon who’s getting her BA’s two years early and doesn’t believe in magic and anything that comes with it. While different from Ofelia, who is the first heroine in this series, Leah’s perspective of everything that happens was much more… uh, educational. You get a pretty decent breakdown on what it means to be a witch and it sort of spells out for you the relationship between witches and werewolves. There’s still some mystery that boggles even the characters, and that’s what makes you want to read on. Well, aside from the hot orgies on the bus.

Leah was hard to enjoy for me. I’m sorry. When I thought of her as Mormon, it was easier to take in her close-mindedness, but I don’t really like making up “Mormon excuses” for people who’ve never believed in the things I find fascinating. Still, I have loved ones who are Mormon, so thinking of them in Leah’s place when she does what she does made reading this easier for me. Her innocence kept her on the right path, but it also kept her ignorant and hesitant– scared, even –with the unknown. I think what hurt most was knowing that she had multiple times to panic and abandon Graham and Donne, and that’s just like… I’m not saying I’m the greatest person, but there are just parts of me that would never be able to turn my back on someone in need. I couldn’t do it! So it was hard getting to accept the things she did, okay? But then when I get like that, it only reminds me of how hard it was for Leah to accept the things that came at her *cough*RAGE*cough* and I just kinda calm down from there.

The writing was definitely different. It’s Leah’s story and I know we’re in her head. I appreciated that her tone and personality differed from Ofelia, and at some point, it was cool to see how different they both were, but I still had a hard time enjoying this as much as I did the first installment. There were a lot of details, it felt like, and part of me didn’t really care for them because they didn’t add anything to the stuff that happened in the book. For example: the mansion was heavily detailed, but she didn’t really do anything in it that moved the story along except to see them transform before her eyes. Every other place they were at in the book had more stuff going on in them, but they didn’t get the same level of detail as the house. Am I coming through coherently? I basically wish the details had been more for the people in the band and Leah’s life as a Mormon, seeing as it’s the only thing keeping her from accepting anything.

Aside from there being less dialogue between everyone (cause a lot of it felt like it was just me and Leah with her monologuing about all the craziness) I still thought it was an interesting piece in the series. Was Leah my favorite? No. But Donne is incredibly sexy in a very unconventional way and I did love the speech she gave him about God making someone special for all of us. I feel like the romantic in you can take that in any way you want and have it still come out lovely. Rage was someone I saw in the “future” (aka the newer books) and I’m really excited to read on. I want to know if everyone made it. I want to know who’s where and with who and why. Leah may not have been my favorite character to read, but she interacted with a lot of interesting people and I feel like they fed the better parts of her that needed watering.

I’d recommend this to anyone who loves the genre and “werewolf + witch romance”, but if you’re squirmish with cutting, I’d caution that there’s just one little scene where she gets a small cut– a nick, really –and someone sucks on it. I don’t know about you, but I did have to sit down when I read that bit. I know, I’m a wuss. Suck a dick.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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