Winter Court, SM Reine

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CEO Pierce Hardwick is testing a cure for lycanthropy. Jaycee Frost, witch and executive assistant, wants to help.

But she can’t risk getting too close to her irresistible boss. Ever since that one hot night they shared in the break room– the night before Jaycee realized Pierce would be her new employer –Jaycee has been struggling with her entirely unprofessional attraction toward him.

Then Jaycee receives a magical tarot card, and the message is clear: destiny has plans for her. No matter that Jaycee only wants to achieve professional domination with Hardwick Medical Research. She’s got a bigger job.

And that job might have to do with mating to Pierce Hardwick…

Author’s Note:
Due to explicit sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers 18+ only.

Genre: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance
Title: Winter Court
Series: Tarot Witches #3
Author: SM Reine
Publisher: Red Iris Books

Source: Amazon
Pages: 341
Date: 11.6.15
Rating: 3.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

This book seems like an awkward transition between ‘normal’ and ‘oh shit the fairies are here’, if that makes sense. The beginning was spot on. I thought Ms. Frost was a cool and collected bitch that I wouldn’t mind following into Hell, and I liked how easy it was to get behind her when she interacted with her hot boss. She had a lot of pride in her career, but when that pride carried over into dire situations, that’s when things started to unravel for me.

I’m beginning to think I should stop caring about how these women see the others. I didn’t like how judgy Leah could get, and the same went with Jaycee (God especially Jaycee). I think I’m just used to characters being so careful and neutral that when it comes to these people that Reine writes about, I’m not sure how to react. And I kind of like it? I like that it’s so blunt and obvious that someone like Jaycee would see Ofelia as something ‘ew’, that she’d take one look at Leah and wonder where her idiot parents were. Like Reine does not pull any punches with her characters. It’s weird and trippy and sure, it makes the reading experience hard for me, but it’s something I appreciate so much more over others who are PR appropriate.

My biggest issue with this book was Jaycee’s reluctance to surrender. I loved her in the beginning, but then this thing came out of nowhere that kind of threw off the story for me. It was a surprise, but it didn’t really seem to make sense. It literally came out of nowhere. And it changed the story. And then another thing came out of nowhere, knocking the story further off-kilter, and it just started me on this path of trying to figure out the damn book instead of actually enjoying it. By the time I got some semblance of balance, I was already losing patience with Jaycee. It was a weird click or switch and suddenly it was like dealing with Leah. I’m not sure how to accurately describe what I went through, other than saying that the second half of the book got a little chaotic. I liked the things that happened, but it just wasn’t the smooth transition I was hoping for.

If someone were to ask me why I like this, I’d say it’s because the sidhe have finally arrived and we can now see all the shit (begin to) go down. I would recommend this if you’re someone who has to read all the books. Frost drove me nuts at some points and this really did read a bit chaotic, but I can’t dismiss her. To not recommend this book makes me feel like I’m helping someone miss out. I’m hoping the fourth book is better, but I know I’m guaranteed an entertaining story, some hot scenes, and characters who will always stay true to themselves. Whether I like it, or not.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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