Reveal: Dark Demon Knights, A&E Kirk


A&E Kirk are the best-selling Mother/Daughter writing duo of YA Paranormal Romance Thrillers loaded with action, adventure, twists and turns, and huge doses of humor. They write about dangerous supernatural creatures, hot guys, and sassy heroines full of snark.

Alyssa loves animals (the family has two dogs, a cat, and a horse), anime, music, and action-packed movies, plays board games, watches too much TV about supernatural beings and starring hot guys (preferably shirtless), and adores carbs so forces herself to exercise.

Eileen loves much of the same stuff (other than anime, although she does enjoy the one where the characters often say, in a highly dramatic voice, “Dammit!”), has been happily married to the same guy for almost 30 years (prefers him shirtless), raised (barely survived) three crazy but adorable kids, and loves to cook (mostly things with chocolate).

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DDK omg

Genre: YA Paranormal
Title: Dark Demon Knights
Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #4
Authors: A&E Kirk

Publication Date: 10.1.19 [COMING SOON]

Cover Designer: Elena Dudina



Now that Aurora survived Paris, she faces another insurmountable challenge.

Her grades.

And some new demons aren’t helping. She and the Hex Boys tangle with a dark, ancient evil, so forbidden and powerful, no Mandatum hunter in their right mind would mess with it. But when did that ever stop our Hexy heartthrobs?

Aurora will need powers she isn’t even sure she possesses, and travel a dangerous path that could lead to salvation… or doom them all.

So. Just another Tuesday.

But could it be her last?

Book 4 in the planned 7-Book Divinicus Nex Chronicles series.

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