A Little Bio

Hi! I go by C. Erani Kole but I like the shortened version, Nicci Kole. I’m a bookwyrm who’s recently been in a reading slump, and I’m only now rediscovering the things that made novels a joy.

I was born and raised in Hawaii (O’ahu peeps, where you at?!) but throughout my life, my family and I have flown to Vegas a handful of times. I guess you could say we always left for adventure, but came back when we missed the family. I’ve made it to being a quarter of a century, and I’m a painful introvert who can’t be shut up once you’re no longer considered a stranger. I love chocolate and Starbucks, I love when it rains because it feels like I’m being transported to my special quiet world where everything is cold and smells like morning dew, and I will always be distracted if music’s playing. I honestly could be running for my life and if someone decided to crank up their throwbacks jam, my body would totally slow down for a second to run in sync with the bass. And then I’d die, mentally jamming to the song until my hearing finally gave out. Which I guess isn’t really a bad way to go… what was I talking about?

I’m easily distracted. I’ve done a lot of things in life, but my one regret would probably be living as someone that I wasn’t. It’s always easy being the good little girl until you grow up with the realization that there are more hues and shades to your singular color than you were lead to believe. And then you’re left wondering what happened to the time that was supposed to be spent pushing your boundaries until you were safely bobbing in the sea of life. I totally won’t go into it because I’m naturally private by nature, but maybe I’ll write about it when I’m comfortable.

Writing has always been an escape, and I’d so love to actually have a book finished one day. For now, it’s a random amount of chapters that I’ll write out and post just to get used to having people see them, let them have the power to criticize me or build me up. Either way I’ll always take in feedback ❤ Because I’m not always staring at a screen, I’m not present every day but I do have a bookstagram and personal account so feel free to follow me and hit me up! I’m shy, not a bitch, I swear, so don’t be scared to message me.

Book Life

The usual genre-of-choice are (urban) fantasy and/or paranormal & urban, but they almost always have to have some kind of romance because your girl’s a hopeless romantic. I’ll always try a new genre, but let’s be real: if they don’t keep my interest, I end up staring at the wall for twenty seconds wondering when I looked up from the book! I also love to write, so feel free to check out my random-as-hell stories on Wattpad (hasn’t really been updated), Blogspot (it’s where I started) and Koles.Writes (it’s where I currently am).

There are two books that got me into reading in this lifetime. The first was The Prophecy of the Stones, a book I’d found during a third grade trip to the public library. It may honestly be the sole reason fantasy and epic adventures are so prominent in my life. It really did emphasize the beauty of being special, of having the fantastical details considered a ‘little out there’ in the real world. Now since that was the only book to really pull me in, it wouldn’t be until three years later that I’d find the book that would forever change my outlook on reading.

The Sorceress of Faith by Robin D. Owens. I was twelve years old, strolling about the isles of Barnes & Noble, when I saw it in the front of the store on a table, its beautiful green cover alluring to a young and quiet girl who often dreamt of fantastical adventures in other worlds. From this book, I devoured the rest of its series and moved on to Gail Dayton’s One Rose Trilogy, and the rest is history. I was irrevocably enthralled.

My love for books grew with my bookshelves, and after reading my first young adult novel, Twilight, I realized what I’d been missing out on. If anything, it was a backwards way of getting into it (going from adult books to young adult) but it worked for me. I didn’t start to blog until I had a best friend who always asked about recommended reads. Rather than continue going through paragraph-length texts, I decided to create a book blog dedicated to the books I thought we’d both enjoy. What started out as a quick way to rave or rant to a friend turned into a full-on blog solely dedicated to everything I ever read (or liked enough to review). They’re really embarrassing and painfully full of spoilers but you can check them out at the first blog, Servant’s Heart.

Fast-forward to the present and we’re at Kole.Writes, a little more seasoned, a little less easier to impress and enthrall, but forever learning new things about myself and others. I’ve gone through so many amazing things that come with being a book blogger. Meeting numerous sweet authors, collecting newfound book friends, being gifted with beautiful novels that I- at times -couldn’t help but buy again for someone else.

If you enjoy reading as much as I do, I encourage you to keep it up. Don’t stop reading, because it connects us all to something beyond the materialistic world we live in. Books are living, breathing worlds that we could only hope to explore with the aid of a few pages and ink. Books expand your mind, fuel your beliefs and enrich your lives. They’re constantly giving you new perspectives, and what’s better than bettering yourself?

My dream goal in life is to open a bookstore in Scotland so that I may be able to further reach out to other lives. My goal is to touch others the way I’ve been touched, to inspire the way I’ve been inspired, and to live a life of passion as only a bookwyrm can.

Wish us all luck, and happy reading. ^_^