A Little Bio

We’re bookwyrms who love to read in our free time, the usual genre being (urban) fantasy and romance. However, we are not one to shy from other genres, so long as they keep our interest! We also love to write, so feel free to check out our stories on Wattpad, Blogspot and Koles.Writes.

The first book to pique our interest was The Prophecy of the Stones, a book we’d found during a third grade trip to the public library. It may honestly be the sole reason fantasy and epic adventures are so prominent in our lives. It isn’t until three years later that we’d find the book that would forever change our lives.

The Sorceress of Faith by Robin D. Owens. We were twelve years old, strolling about the isles of Barnes & Noble, when we saw it in the front of the store on a table, its beautiful green cover alluring to a young and quiet girl who often dreamt of fantastical adventures. From this book on, we devoured its series and moved on to Gail Dayton’s One Rose Trilogy, and the rest is history.

Our love for books grew with our bookshelves, and after reading our first young adult novel, Twilight, we realized what we had been missing out on. If anything it was a backwards way of getting into it but it worked for us. We didn’t start to blog until we had a best friend who’d always ask about recommended reads. Rather than go through paragraph-length texts, we decided to create a book blog dedicated to the books we thought they would enjoy. We wrote about why we thought it’d be great, until eventually, we started writing about all the books we enjoyed, which you can check out at our first blog, Servant’s Heart.

Four years later, and we are now at Kole.Writes, telling you that we have gone through so many amazing things with being a book blogger. We’ve met numerous sweet authors, collected newfound book friends, and have been gifted with beautiful novels that we- at times -couldn’t help but buy again.

If you enjoy reading as much as we do, we encourage you to keep it up. Don’t stop reading, because it connects us all to something beyond the materialistic world we live in. Books are living, breathing worlds that we could only hope to explore with the aid of a few pages and ink. Books expand your mind, fuel your beliefs and enrich your lives.

We’ve been to a few places on such side of the world, but there’s still so much to explore, just as there will always be another book to read.

Our goal in life is to open a bookstore in Scotland so that we may be able to further reach out to other lives. Our goal is to touch others the way we have been touched with people’s words, to inspire the way we have been inspired, and to live a life of passion as only a bookwyrm can.

Wish us luck, and happy reading. ^_^