Sorry For Being Absent


I thought I’d write a quick explanation on why I’ve been so absent. Life, basically. I sunk into a weird slump when it came to reading and I still haven’t really recovered. My favorites are safe from its wrath, but new books/authors I come across seem to always be taken in with more critique than blatant wonder. I miss being able to see everything with a 110% acceptance. It’s hard trying to enjoy a person’s hard work and only see the things that could’ve been better to keep me interested. Half the time, it’s not even the book’s fault. I’m just impatient.

I took a break because of all this but I’m slowly forcing myself to get into gear and at least keep up with the things I’ve already decided to do. So for now, I’ll only be catching up with the ARCs I’ve received. I have a few books I’ve bought because of friends and I’m not entirely sure when I’ll honestly get to those, but I’m always open to trying out new things, too. Feel free to recommend. If we’ve spoken over email or if you’re inquiring about anything, please feel free to contact me.


Reading the Mood

There are times when I don’t read because anything I come across doesn’t sound appealing. How do you get out of your reading slumps? Well, I like to think about my daydreams. Are they fantastical? Solving a mystery? Am I dealing with teenage angst? I also look at the books I currently consider my favorites. Think about what I could totally reread right now. There are times when I’ll randomly open up an old book I’d downloaded months ago and it ends up being the perfect fit for my mood (which are totally like, the “non-coincidental” reads that happen to come into your life when you least expect it).

When you’re in a reading jam, it’s good to figure out what you’re not in a mood for, so you can better concentrate on what you would be feeling. For example, I’m currently at a loss on where to start reading for this week. An adventure to another world is always cool, but I’m feeling a little violent, with a touch of innocence thrown in there somewhere, so I know a story about angsty characters with an on-going drama feud or something is not what I would want. Maybe I’d even be okay with something paranormal & urban, so long as the characters themselves brought on something mystical and other-worldly. There’s a book I’m to read and review soon, so I may just check that out.

It doesn’t look that bad, either. It’s fantasy-based, it has twins, and it’s got family bonds that I’m sure will be compared to, as well as challenged by, other types of bonds the main characters come across in their epic journey.

Do you have a way of getting out of your slump? Do you do something other than reading to get through it?


A Thing About Bad Reviews…

Dear Reader,

So I need a little heart-to-heart for a quick second. I just finished a book written by one of my favorite authors, and the reason she’s a favorite is because of how much she does for my perspective on love. I’m a ‘burn the bridge’ type of person, not a very forgiving woman really if something hurts me bad enough. But when I read her books, and I read about her heroes and heroines fucking up and trying everything and then some to make up for it, it makes me believe that there are forever loves in the world. That there are people- or at least that one couple -who love and love forever.

Yes, her heroines are generally forgiving and sweet and innocent. Sometimes, even naive. But they aren’t dumb. They aren’t doormats. And they certainly aren’t whores just because they choose to forgive their heroes or can’t say no to touches and kisses that belong to someone they feel is their other half. I mean, how rude can you be?

The reason for this little rant is because I just finished a book of hers and went to review it, and instead of minding my own business, I noticed one of the lower-rating reviews. Normally, I don’t read those, because I know that not everyone will ever have a nice thing to say about a book, especially one written by someone whose work I highly admire and appreciate. But when I actually read the review, I couldn’t believe it. Hell, I couldn’t believe several things.

  • they called the heroine pathetic
  • they said she was too dumb to live
  • they called her a whore

There are other things but I stopped at these because… for one, I just couldn’t believe that someone could be so hurtful with their words. I honestly could not believe that someone could be so cruel to a character I found to be terribly sweet and fragile. It bothers me because there are some women out there like this heroine, and for someone like this reviewer to say such nasty things does not sit right with me, because if they’re calling this heroine such things, they’re basically calling other women the same thing.

And that isn’t okay.

I could say a lot of things about the reviewer but because I was raised better, I can only say that this person was either hurt by the book and didn’t know how to channel that hurt and anger, or is just a sad, pathetic person who has all my sympathy. I truly hope they find some happiness.

This isn’t me telling you how to review a book you read, but I highly suggest you all do it with constructive criticism and helpful opinions. If something really bothers you, feel free to express yourself because others will feel the same, but explain why you felt hurt by this. Explain why you reacted this or that way. Be a positive person who says whether or not a book was bad and why, but don’t be that person that spreads hate and negativity. No one really wants that.

I recommend you reading a book or two of Marian Tee’s. They’re very hot and different and often times dark and heartbreaking, but they also teach about different types of love, and the need for forgiveness and understanding someone when they’re in pain. They teach you to think a little differently, to go after the person you love rather than delete them from your life. You fell in love with them for a reason, didn’t you? Love doesn’t just go away because you want it to. If there’s anything Tee taught me, it’s that love has no limits. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a person who limits herself on drinks and junk food, and not on my capacity for love and forgiveness.

So please. Be nice to the books and authors you review.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

Blogging Goals

Hi guys!

So, my life has been dedicated to watching the little one for a few months now, and I’ve struggled to balance my energy split between the teacup and my reading/blogging. It’s hard, to say the least, and not very healthy if I’m up so late trying to get these reviews on the blog every night.

I don’t think I could ever stop blogging about books, but I do intend to lighten the load a bit. I won’t post a review every day, but I still want to maintain a good number of five books a week. It leaves the weekends open for whatever else I’d like to do, and it takes off the pressure of having to have something every single day because- well, if you’ve been around kids, you know that it isn’t always a consecutive week. Something always happen, whether it’s them, or you. I’ve come to terms with myself and accepted that I need those two days.

All in all, October will be a new month and I plan on getting a few books already done so that I can have the time to fawn and fangirl over other things. I’m still a bookwyrm with stalkerish needs, after all. ūüôā

Until then,

A Little Darling

You’re Exactly Where You Should Be

I recently read a post by BayArt (feel free to check it out and converse) and it had me thinking on a few things that have been on my mind these past few weeks. By law, I’m an adult, but as a human being, I’m still a young thing trying to figure out my life.

In society, we’re to get our education, seize¬†hold of a job worth bragging about, and maintain an ambiance of friendliness and a voluntary need to interact with a certain circle in your life or risk isolation. Mind you, I am a bit biased with this point of view, but I must admit that it is a fair plan of safety and stability. To be able to say you have a home or food in your fridge is something we all want. To say the same for your children is something I think I shouldn’t have to clarify.

As a young adult still finding one’s way in the world, I am quite at an interesting position. According to society, I should have been graduated and working at a job that my school and/or connections had helped me achieve in gaining. I should be on my own, if not still¬†living with friends to cut the rent. And God forbid I still live with my parents (though as a member of an Asian family with friends in the same position, I do say that it’s rather normal but anyway…)

My main thing is this: society may pressure you to living your life a certain way. It can feel judgmental and restraining if handled a certain way. And if your life is anything but ordinary, you can bet that the following should be taken a certain way:

Find what you love and never give up on it

In my experience, it’s all about sacrifice. To obtain the long-term goals, give up the small things that won’t amount to what you really want. I’m talking about trips to the shoe store, manicures, Barnes & Noble (I know. Trust me, I know) or junk food and nights out that you know won’t really leave you with any lasting satisfaction. Believe it or not,¬†these things can add up when put on the side rather than wasted away.

Work with what life gives you

Life is as unpredictable as the weather. Or your cat, for those who share my pain. One of the things people find it hard to accept is that no matter how hard or precise you plan, something will always go wrong, and you can only be so resilient for so long before you do more than bend.

It’s easier to accept that things do happen, and let life live. Let. Life. Live. You’ll find that you learn a lot of things about yourself when you come to- can you guess? –accept what you’re given, and adapt. Nothing is coincidence. Everything truly does happen for a reason. You may not understand it when it happens, and sometimes it takes more than a few years for the whole picture to come into perspective. But it will happen, and the best thing to do is to think:

“This is now my life. What amazing things will I learn today?”

You’ll crack. You’ll break, shout or sleep. But you’re living. Everything you do up to this point contributes to the way you want your life to be. All it takes is one thought of curiosity, one genuine yearning to love what you can learn, and it all changes.

You just have to be perceptive to the good things that come your way, understanding of the bad things, and genuinely curious about the unpleasant.

Leave a comment if you have something to share ūüôā

What Goes Around…

… needs to get the hell out of my house.

Little Darling here.

We decided to try out a few things by sharing some personal moments on this blog when we aren’t reading or reviewing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep to the schedule we’d set for ourselves, so the book we’d hoped to finish by today will have to be finished for tomorrow. If we double up for a day, it should keep us on schedule til the end of the month.

Anywho! As one of the little darlings without a sick child or being sick oneself, I decided to share how my day was.

I too have a little one, and though he isn’t sick, he did seem a bit lethargic today. He’s two, about to be three this coming Halloween. Now, you’d think I’d have more reading time if he’s down for the count, but no. Instead of a sleeping baby getting his rest, he was a complete sourpuss, grumpy one minute and clingy the next. I can deal with clingy, because Goddess knows I have more than enough love for the little guy. What I refuse to deal with, however, is his innate reaction of hitting when he’s fussy. I certainly didn’t teach him that, and it’s something I’m having to reverse. One day at a time.

But that’s not the story. The short story that I wanted to share occurred after nightfall. We’d just finished dinner (and by ‘we’ I mean me, the little guy doesn’t eat much when he’s ready for bed) when he’d decided to scare the shit out of me. You need to know, it gets hot in the house when the stove’s working. Creates heat, it makes it uncomfortable, and the windows aren’t enough. So we open the door for circulation. Our cars are right outside, and if you’re on the couch, looking over the backrest, you can see into both of them.

As we were sitting on the couch, enjoying the musical numbers of Disney, my little guy decided to look back, peek out the door, and put his finger to his mouth. “Shh,” he said. “Quiet.” If you’re a Disney freak, you know that’s from Monsters University. I always say the lines with the characters and he copies what he sees. So. I assumed he was just being cute, showing off his memory skills to the rest of the family. But he kept looking out the door while saying it.

I asked him, “Who are you talking to?”

Normally when I say this, it’s just a question I ask him. But he looked at me and said, “Guy in mama car.”

reaction nope tracy morgan no way hell no

I shut that fucking door so fast, it wasn’t even funny. I locked it and pulled the curtains over it. Was I overacting? Maybe, but my family has a weird thing with these… things. When I myself was young (two to be exact), I’d scared the shit out of my own mother by telling her to tell the people in the kitchen to stop staring at me. It was just us at the time, a single working mother and her firstborn.

Needless to say, I didn’t like the fact that both me and my little guy were both two when we started saying creepy things. This isn’t his first incident, but I’d brushed it off as nothing more than him not liking how dark the windows get at night.

He’s sleeping now, which is how I was able to get a review done and do this post. I’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural so while it scares me half to death, it also makes my days a little less… mundane. I just hope the little guy doesn’t scare himself. But hey! That’s why I’m here. ūüôā

I hope this creeped you out.

Until then,

A Little Darling

Almost There


So we’ve been pretty busy, trying to balance reading time with¬†our¬†blog and making sure that our family obligations were taken care of. Never realized how hard it could be to split oneself between so many things. College should’ve taught us that, but if we’re being honest here, we’ve never really liked school up until about a year ago. Anyway, we hope to start blogging about our days when we find a good book or if something particular happens to us. We’re on nanny duty (day off today) and will be for some time, so we’ve only been able to read when the little one’s sleeping or occupied with his little trains. We think we’ve only ever touched our laptop at night these past few weeks, with the exception of nap time, but that doesn’t really count.

We have to wonder. How do mothers watch their children and take care of their work? It’s quite hard, to be honest. It takes a while for us to go¬†from one type of mindset to another. Pretty draining, really, but thankfully reading happens to be a drug that effects only our eyesight and paling skin.

Long story short, we’re really excited about being able to review our reads on a daily level. Books are our passion, and it’s a dream to be able to talk about them in the hopes that others will enjoy them, as well. For now Kole Writes will just be a reviewing blog, with the exception of rants that we’re still trying to figure out, but otherwise?

Here’s to happy reading this weekend ūüôā


The Little Darlings

Servant’s Heart Reviews

QUICK NOTE: The old page, Servant’s Heart, has a lot of reviews on some of our favorite books, so we hope to bring them over onto here in the hopes that it’ll help to pretty up the blog. ^-^

We’ve bought a lot of books this past week so in order to keep this page updated, we’ve decided to do a bit of recycling with our old reviews to show you here!¬†This way, you get new reviews every day and we gain the time we need to set up all the new reads we’ll soon be delving into.

And please have patience with us. We aspire to be comfortable enough to blog about our daily lives as well as the books we love to read. Hopefully with time and some confidence, we can tell you all about our book adventures and drama.


The Little Darlings

Upcoming Reviews…


This is a new blog for us so bear in mind that it’s still being sorted out. Part of the decision-making is figuring out whether or not we want our old page content transferred to this one. Not only would it be tedious, it’d also be time-consuming and right now, we just don’t have the hours for it. So in the meantime, feel free to check out what we’ve already reviewed on our old page (in the top menu) and let us know what you think we’d be interested in!

The first book to be reviewed on this new, beautiful site- *wipes tear* -is Evangeline Anderson’s The Institute. Heard of it? Just came out this year’s February!

EA- 1a; The Institute Daddy Issues
image from Goodreads

Its MCs are detectives working undercover as Daddy and Little to stop a new drug, Please aka Please Daddy, from getting out to the public. It’s already effected enough lives as it is, turning its victims into mindless, sex-crazed bodies who need the D or it’s game over for them.

Sugerbaker’s petite enough to be every Big’s wet dream, and Saltanov’s the ideal Daddy: large, protective and masculine. Their sizes are the perfect undercover disguise, but there’s a problem: the department couldn’t have chosen worse officers for the job.

Or are they, in fact, the perfect pair for The Institute?

You’ll find out in a few hours (or days, depends on what we decide to do) what we thought, and since we partially rant with these things, it’ll most likely be a spoiled review. Ha ha. Ha.

The next book will be an ARC of Ysa Arcangel’s¬†Underneath It All.

YA- 1b; Underneath It All
image from Goodreads

This one will be our first ARC story reviewed here, so you’ll know soon enough that it will be in the ARCs category in the menu. Feel free to browse around and get acquainted with our page! We’ll try to not make it too crazy…


The Little Darlings