Reviewing Policy

General Reviewing

The books we’ve read will almost always have minor spoilers because we use examples to better explain why a certain book was worth finishing or disliking. That being said…

-ARC Policy-

We are always excited when approached to receive an Advanced Readers’ Copy. It takes us, at most, a week to read and review on Goodreads and Amazon, but if there is no particular rush, we first read the ARCs from our respective street teams, ARCs we’ve signed up for in advance, and then ARCs that were requested to be read.

Given Amazon’s new review policy regarding non-verified purchases, ARC reviews on Amazon will be posted when there is an open space each week.

If we are not given a timeline, we read at our convenience, but should you have a deadline, feel free to let us know and we are more than happy to make it a priority to match your needs.

if you need a review by a certain date, attach it to your request so we can pencil it down, otherwise it’s left in the hands of a very long list and ever-changing mood swings that may or may not bump up a title. We’re mood readers without a date.

Even we can get busy, so do not hesitate to check up with an email to inquire! One of us has the worse memory (won’t say who), and one of us is still working on their organization skills (hey it could be the same person!) so please have patience if you do not hear from us right away.

As previously mentioned on the site, we usually read (urban) fantasy and romance, but we also thoroughly enjoy other genres. A good book is a good book, they say.

The following is a show of how we rate the books we read:

*****FIVE STARS*****

We were captivated emotionally and torn apart, left wondering what just happened. The writing style was great, and there were no problems (or maybe one). The story was riveting, entertaining and went beyond our expectations.

Please note: Five-Star ratings are an automatic for books that hit us right in the feels, because it is a firm belief that if a few pieces of paper can make you feel something real, it’s done its job.

****FOUR STARS****

This was a pretty great read with all or some of the following: good plot, great writing style, intriguing characters, and overall good feels. A few errors/issues may be present, either from one of the listed or because it’s a personal matter.


It was alright. We liked the book, but felt that there were a few issues that needed to be made aware of for future readers. Known as the ‘critique rating’, we generally review books with 3s to speak about why this book was worth finishing, and why it didn’t feel like it deserved a solid 4 or 5.


A lot of problems were in the book, and it didn’t effect us, as we believe a good book should. We may be rating this based on multiple errors easily fixed by a good editor, plot holes, or character reevaluation. We do not recommend.


This book should not have been published, and needs major editing, either from technical errors or the way it’s written in terms of flow and consistency. While everyone has a specific way of writing, we believe there is a difference between individuality and poor writing. Other reasons: characters are not plotted, story does not make sense (or is everywhere) and we were bombarded by an unpleasant amount of bad feels.

Please note: While we believe good books evoke all form of feelings and emotions from its readers, it must also be made clear that we know the difference between feeling something horrid from a good book and feeling bad because of the poor quality of the book.

Spoiled Reviews

Please be made aware that often times, we will have slight spoilers to better blog about the book at hand. Should you wish to have a spoiler-free review from us, feel free to visit the contact page.