Story-Telling Time

The Stories

We enjoy writing almost as much as we love to read, and sometimes the stories in our head are itching to get out. It’s not a pleasant feeling, so we write out whatever we feel like. Enjoy the blog we made a while ago to put it all out there. They aren’t edited, there is no particular plot or motive for some, and sometimes, it’s just random chapters to stories you’ll probably never see again. lol.

The following links are the first posts to each “story” and you’ll find more of them organized on the right side. Just scroll down. (We’re talking about the other blog, by the way)

Azul de Muerte

So far, it’s about a group of friends. They are familiar with death, but there is an upcoming prophecy (I know, I know) about to be fulfilled, and no one knows who the key to unlocking it will be. That’s pretty much the whole thing and hopefully we didn’t spoil anything. lol.

Blue Shadows

This girl’s hair color changes with her core. She meets a shadow. Nothing more to really reveal right now.

Drink Me Whole

Just little stories about the people who will/are/have attended Elixir Academy. Some stories on this page are about Elixir students, but their stories are so set that they needed their own category lol (like Wolves in the Wind).

Eternity’s Contract

This young girl gets dragged into another world with its own problems. Whether they have anything to do with her or not is the question.

Nadezhda’s Black Fire

Nadezhda is an entire continent filled with kingdoms and shenanigans, but the two forces are the Nightingale and Phoenix. One particular Nightingale has to leave the only home she’s known for a very long time to bring back the children of both sides. With the aid of a fellow nemesis and some other poor souls, they all go on an adventure… that we haven’t figured out yet lol

Obey the Moon and Sun

This one is actually pretty close to the heart. It started off as a funny story for us and our friends, but it started to take on a life of its own. It’s on Wattpad (well two chapters) but it’s been altered slightly for a more serious setting. We stopped at two for Wattpad, however, because frankly we’re not sure if we really want to change it.

Hello My Old Friend

This tag is for all the little short chapters we wanted to write about. Basically, they’re all about people and their respective demons. They’re major jackasses but they have their moments. Think Guardian Devils with their own problems.

Scarlet Wolf

Little red riding hood but in a much different tune. So far, we’ve decided to make it in the near medieval-type setting. Scar’s an orphan like the rest of the children living in the castle, and being privileged children, they all must pay it back by competing in the tests to qualify for a part in the king’s military. The group? They’re called the King’s Hounds.

Siren to Call

Little Mermaid but with a very different take. We’re obsessed with mermaids, you see, so we wanted to do a story about a lost soul who’s plagued by sirens and wakes up on the beach with no memory, except that she was on a ship with her father and his crew when it caught aflame and sunk. Oh, and they think she’s a boy lol

Sparks of Copper

It’s a Dystopian setting, about a town that was quarantined and bombed after a sickness broke out. Most died, but some survived, still with the sickness. They’re monsters, ravenous beasts whose sole goal is to consume everything in its path. One monster’s goal, however, is keeping her little sister safe. From the town, the government. Even from herself, and her ever red hands.

The CROSS Project

We’re really into zombies, as well, and necromancers. This story revolves (well we’re trying to make it revolve around her anyway) a young girl who wakes up in a house of horror with no memory of the world going to shit. One of the last groups of the military- soldiers who do sweeps for food, weapons and survivors -find her and take her with them, but… well. Let’s just say she’s probably the last thing they needed.

The Glass Slipper

So this is a spin-off of a story we’re working on, and this story isn’t on a blog. A young woman wakes up in the middle of a winter hell, and gets rescued by some shifters. Little do they know, she’s neither shifter nor human. Too bad even she doesn’t know what she is.

Seers in Secret

This poor woman’s been through a lot, so when she finally moves to her dream city, it should be easier to breathe. Sure, she’d have to bust her butt, but she’s more than willing to do so if it means fighting for what she wants. Too bad the whispers she hears think otherwise.

Willow Sword

This is the first story we ever wrote on a blog so be kind to us, we know it’s a bit odd with the story line but we’re working on editing it out without changing it too much. Anyway, this is about a young girl who goes to the ball. A ball, mind you, hosted by seven princes who are very mysterious and introverted. The palace is rarely opened to anyone, so for them to throw a party is a grand thing, indeed. However, they’re not just doing this for shits and giggles. They’re hunters, and they need to find their partners if they want to be prepared for the ultimate evil.

 Wolves in the Wind

This is based on a school that a secret story is based in, Elixir Academy. It’s a school for supernaturals hidden away in another dimension. It’s rather posh, but mainly because it’s so important to the mages. It’s not just a school, you see. It’s the the central portal to all the worlds they’ve ever conquered. But that’s not the main point of this story. No, it’s about a small group from a dying pack, and their need to hide or be killed by enemies. We really like twins so be prepared to see a shit ton of them in this and other things lol