Prince of Darkness, Marian Tee

Prince of Darkness

Forbidden. Foolish.

These were the first words that came to Fawn Cornwall’s mind when she thought of the prince’s offer to become her lover behind her boyfriend’s back.

Her boyfriend, whom she had caught cheating on her.

But if she said yes to the Prince of Darkness — Fawn knew she would never be the same again. It would be everything or nothing at all. He would either love her… or break her.

And one day… he did just that. Continue reading


Prince of Darkness, Marian Tee

5a; Prince of Darkness

Playboy. Billionaire. Heartbreaker.

These were just some of the things people knew Greek graduate student Reid Chalkias as, but his greatest claim to infamy was as The Prince of Darkness – and it was a name he deserved, in more ways than one.

Embracing the darkness allowed the prince to keep everyone at a distance… until innocent Fawn Cornwall started working for him.

Without even trying, Fawn was able to make him experience emotions he once thought he was immune to.

Jealousy. Possessiveness. And even… affection.

He almost, almost wanted to believe she was destined for him – if only she wasn’t already engaged to marry another man. Continue reading