A Day in the Life, Harley Fox


A city built on corruption. Who will save their souls?

Santa Espera is a dirty, sprawling metropolis. The streets crawl with crime, drugs, and forbidden love. At the heart of the city is a monolith; a vast building that stretches hundreds of feet, employing thousands of people.


The city’s main source of economy and only provider of pharmaceuticals, both over and under the counter. The man who runs it, Will Silver, is the same man who brought this derelict city back to life. He’s the man who controls 99% of its wealth. And he’s got plans for the future.

Merryn. Jake. Katie. Lance. Trista. Flynn.

This is a glimpse into a day in their lives before our story takes place. Whether it’s by trying to survive, working a tough job for an even worse boss, or searching for happiness between bedsheets, these six work hard to keep on living. Their fates will soon intertwine. But whether it’s for the better or worse remains to be seen.

Author’s Note:
A Day In The Life is a prologue to the Santa Espera series. It is a standalone novella.
Contains swearing, violence, sex, and gang-related activity.

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In Too Deep, Harley Fox

in too deep

Why does sleeping with the enemy feel so good?


It’s not easy being a cop. And when you’ve gone undercover, trying to infiltrate the deadliest gang in Santa Espera to take down the scum that killed your own gangster brother?

Well. Let’s just say I’ve been busy.

All I wanted was to earn the Bullets’ trust. I needed to prove I was one of them. So when I hooked up with Flynn in the bar bathroom, I thought it would be a one-time thing.

Boy, was I wrong.

I didn’t expect it to be so good. I didn’t expect to have feelings for him. And I sure as hell didn’t expect him to be part of the very gang I’m out to destroy.

I just hope he’ll forgive me for what I have to do.


When it comes to sex, I’ve got one rule: Once Is Enough. No feelings, no attachment. If you fall in love, it’ll only lead to a broken heart.

I met Trista in the bar. Red hair, smoking body, and an attitude that made my cock hard as a rock. I wanted her. I needed her. By the end of the night I had her. She turned out to be the best fuck of my life.

But there was something about her. I couldn’t get her off my mind. Imagine my surprise when she showed up at the warehouse, wanting to be a part of the gang. Wanting to join the Bullets.

I’ve only been in love once. Losing her was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I shut myself away. I never gave love a second chance.

I’ll never make that mistake again.

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