Before Limbo, Isabelle Crusoe

Before Limbo cover

When the weight of the world is hanging around your neck, you’d be surprised how far you’re willing to go to make sure it stays there.

She was willing to go to hell, literally.

Go back to school with Mira and her friends as she discovers a few new things at Effulgent. Some are mysterious, others are expectant. Unfortunately, not all of them are as hot as the new group of suspiciously young teachers who seem to be everywhere she looks.

Then again, not all are as deadly.

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Ghostwriter’s Hell — Pencil Biters & Rookie Writers

I was very disappointed by the outcome of this, and I feel so bad for what’s happened to this costumer! No one should have an experience like this when it comes to writing. Writing is all about creating beautiful things, not making things worse…

Here’s the story. I hired a ghostwriter for a side project, and after we agreed on payment he got started. After I received the first scene he asked for my thoughts and said I still had $200 left for him to work with. All’s good, so far..I asked for revisions.He didn’t understand them (according to…

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