Truly, Madly, Deeply, Marian Tee


Having been surrounded her entire life by men who could easily pass off as Greek gods, 24-year-old post-graduate student Diana Leventis has long thought herself immune to male beauty… until, that is, a gorgeous, devastatingly sexy blond in tweeds saves her from being run over by a wagon full of daisies.

When she meets him again, she thinks it’s fate… especially when he turns out to be her professor, and she catches him pleasuring himself in his office.

She’s always thought of herself as shy, timid, and boring, but when confronted by the evidence of his desire and the sensual blaze of Professor Matthijs de Graaf’s leonine eyes…

Diana just had to ask: That’s for me. It’s it?

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My Greek Beast by Marian Tee

beast-0228-year-old Alyx Marshall has never had a boyfriend, but it’s never been a problem until she falls for the wrong man. And there’s nothing more wrong than it actually, since Alyx’s lost her heart to her best friend’s husband.

Desperate to kill her unwanted feelings, Alyx signs a pact with the devil, disguised on earth as Nathan Callis, an enigmatic Greek ex-model who also happens to be a billionaire in his own right. If anyone can make her forget the man she should never have loved, it would be this too-perfect man who she’s always been dangerously attracted to.

Sparks had flown the first time they met, but Alyx had made herself ignore it, knowing that men like Nathan were bad news. But things have changed. If he still wants her, she’s his for the taking… as long as he can promise to make Alyx forget the pain inside her heart.

And he does. Oh, he does, but fool that she is, Alyx never imagined Nathan would succeed by making her fall for him…

…even when his heart already belongs to someone else.

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Jaak and Ilse by Marian Tee


Be ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love once you start reading this steamy, feel-good, and poignantly sweet romance from Marian Tee. No cliffhangers!

He’s her first lover, she’s his first and only friend. Love isn’t ever supposed to be part of the equation until an accident changes everything.

When 32-year-old billionaire Jaak de Konigh first sets his sight on Ilse Muir, he knows he has to have her, and he’s always gotten what he’s wanted. But the stunningly beautiful Dutch proves him wrong by walking out on his offer to make her his mistress.

23-year-old Ilse Muir only has room for one man in her life, and that’s her brother. She lives for him and no one else, and for him she’s willing to sacrifice everything. She has absolutely no time for pleasure and certainly not dating but there’s just something about the billionaire that’s wickedly different. He has her hot and bothered, and he annoys her like no other.

But most of all, he makes her smile…
when she thought she had long forgotten how it was to smile.

All his life Jaak has been fielding off women, but with Ilse it’s become the opposite. She has him jumping through hoops, and it’s as frustrating as it’s exhilarating. Where women used to treat him like a trophy, Ilse amuses and exasperates the billionaire by hiding from him and hiding him like a dirty secret. Before he knows it, Ilse has become the reason he wakes up every day… when it used to be that the billionaire hasn’t allowed himself to live for anyone else.

Love wasn’t ever supposed to be in the equation.
It was only supposed to be about sex.

But when she starts asking too many questions, and he starts making her heart beat

everything changes.

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, but Jaak and Ilse both know they’re too damaged to make it work the way others do. If they both want to be with each other —

He can’t ever say he loves her…

…and she can’t ever say she needs him.

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Jason and Keanne by Marian Tee

jason-and-keanneJason Christakos is a Greek god, a billionaire, but more than that he’s beautiful inside, someone who loves so fiercely and selflessly without expecting anything in return.

Jason is the man who saved me from self-destruction, the man who knows all my secrets, and now the man whose broken heart I ache to heal.

Jason does not see me as a woman, does not believe I can truly love him, and does not think he is capable of loving any other woman than the one he lost to his brother.

In an all-out bid to win his love, I accept Jason’s challenge. For him to give me a chance to own his heart, he demands that I do everything he wants, and what he wants is for me to realize that someone out there is better for me.

Too late I realize that Jason also thinks someone out there is better for him-
but it is not me…

and it might never be me.

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Secrets, Marian Tee

kindle-universe-secretsNew priorities have forced Vivian to spend significant time away from Italian billionaire Luca Valencia, but it doesn’t seem like Vivian’s powerful, gorgeous husband even notices her absence. Even worse, Luca’s beautiful ex-wife has suddenly returned to the picture and makes no effort to hide her intentions: Maria wants her family back – and she believes she has what it takes to be a better wife and mother than Vivian can ever be.

Pride forces Vivian to pretend she’s not hurting while love forces her to face the toughest question: is it right to fight for her marriage – even if she’s no longer sure that she’s what Luca and his little girl need to be happy?

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My Russian Beast by Marian Tee

2a-my-russian-beastProfessionally accomplished but socially awkward, Fredericka Spears can’t ask for anything else in her life except for one thing – to know the pleasure of a man’s possession. The truth is, she’s tired of being a virgin. She’s tired of pleasuring herself while fantasizing about a man she can never have.

A man who’s beautiful, powerful, and, well, six years younger–

Like she says: he’s a man she can’t ever have.

To put an end to her agony and stupid fantasies, Fredericka decides to take a lover, but guess who volunteers for the job?

The beautiful, powerful, and younger Russian billionaire Sergei Grachyov – also known as that man she can’t ever have.

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My Werewolf Professor by Marian Tee

 MT- 2;a My Werewolf ProfessorWhat I knew about Alessandro Moretti: he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, he’s the most mysterious, sought-after professor in my university, and he’s not the type to fall in love with me, his plainest-looking student.

What I didn’t know about Alessandro Moretti: he’s a werewolf… and he may just want me, too.

18-year-old Kassia has decided to confess her love for Professor Alessandro Moretti. She knows she’s likely to be dumped, but instead the professor offers her… a bet?

Alessandro Moretti has always found Kassia, his extremely shy student, oddly attractive. When she confesses her feelings, he’s unable to help himself. For him, it’s all a game. After all, Alessandro knows from experience that nothing good can ever happen between a werewolf and a human, especially when one of them is as cynical about love as him. Continue reading

Dear Greek Billionaire, Marian Tee

MT- 1;a Dear Greek BillionaireWere bosses allowed to look at their secretaries that way?

27-year-old Stavros Manolis urgently needed a secretary of a certain caliber, but the only one who met his standards was a troublesome young woman who flouted authority whenever she could. She grated on his nerves, but she also made his blood quicken the way no woman had, not even the one he had once loved and lost.

24-year-old Willow Somerset knew she couldn’t afford to antagonize her Greek billionaire boss, but she couldn’t help it. He was so damn perfect, and she hated it. But what she hated more was the way her body could only come alive in his arms.

Willow knew she could never have a chance with Stavros. But then she caught him looking at her- in a way a boss should never look at his secretary.

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Prince of Darkness, Marian Tee

Prince of Darkness

Forbidden. Foolish.

These were the first words that came to Fawn Cornwall’s mind when she thought of the prince’s offer to become her lover behind her boyfriend’s back.

Her boyfriend, whom she had caught cheating on her.

But if she said yes to the Prince of Darkness — Fawn knew she would never be the same again. It would be everything or nothing at all. He would either love her… or break her.

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