Haunt, Tricia Barr


She can kill with one look,
but he’s the only one who can save her.

Lorelei always believed she was cursed.

Not only can she see the ghosts of the world all around her, she can pull a person’s soul right out of their body — a skill that comes in handy when you’re the adopted daughter of the crime boss of Las Vegas. But Lorelei wants a new life, one where she can help people rather than kill, so she runs away and invents a new identity as a medical student at a university.

Everything is great, until the mysterious and sexy stranger Killian shows up. If it weren’t enough that she dreamt about him her whole life, watched him die a thousand times in her sleep, he also gives off a powerful otherworldly vibe that scares the heck out of her. Strange things start happening, and it becomes clear that she’s being haunted, but by what, she doesn’t know.

Is Killian a ghost? A demon? Something worse?
And why is she so irresistibly drawn to him?

Her journey of self-discovery in this dark and twisted romance leads her to the most amazing and terrifying truth — she is the only one who can save the world, not just for the living but also for the dead.

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Unearth, Tricia Barr


Our heroes erased themselves from the Four Corners’ histories and thought they were finally free… until Lily burst their bubble and told them they have to get involved with the cult one last time to stop them from unleashing a great evil buried thousands of years ago.

But they fail, and the fifth Bound One is released, fulfilling his vengeful dreams formed over his long imprisonment.

Phoenix and her friends band together for one last fight…

and one of them will pay the ultimate price.

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Submerge, Tricia Barr


The Four Corners have been defeated, and Phoenyx and her friends are free… or so they thought.

Lily has been taken, and Phoenyx and the others have five days to save her, and themselves. But Phoenyx has a new friend, Ayanna, who has the power to bring back the memories from all of Phoenyx’s past lives. The knowledge that is unlocked sends the Bound Ones on a several-millennia-long journey for an ancient artifact that might free them once and for all. Can they find it in five days, or will they all face death once again?

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Ignite, Tricia Barr


Phoenyx Blake has a secret.

When she wakes in a dungeon with three strangers, she is forced to face it, which isn’t easy seeing as her cellmate, Sebastian, has starred in her dreams. As days pass, they learn they are each one of the four elements bound in human form and they have been abducted by an ancient society that plans to kill them and steal their powers.

If they hope to escape, they must master their powers, and Phoenyx must learn to let go of fear and let love in, before it’s too late.

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