Awakened by Power, Zoey Ellis


“I love you, Thea,” he whispered. “I will always love you, even if you don’t love me. Remember? I am yours.”

Thea is destroyed. Cam’s absence cuts her deeply and causes her to question if she ever really knew him. Devastated by news from the Dominion League, she is sucked into a trap that could threaten Cam, her family, and all she has come to love.

Cam has resigned himself to the consequences of his actions. Although he is devastated, he vows to ensure Thea is kept safe, even if she’s not with him. When he is given one final chance to show Thea the depths of his love for her, to save her and truly earn her trust, he embraces it with a fierce determination that he will not fail.

Author’s Note:
About the end: This book is the final book in Cam and Thea’s story and it has a HEA. Passionate, sexual scenes and strong language included.
Not suitable for readers under 18.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Title: Awakened by Power
Series: Empire of Angels #3
Author: Zoey Ellis

Source: Zoey Ellis
Pages: 177
Date: 8.7.17
Rating: 5/5


Dear Reader,

This trilogy of Cam and Thea’s story has been a pretty dramatic ride of intense romance. When I first got into this, I admired the way they were so complicated but so easy with each other. Their attraction was obviously more than the bedroom and I really liked that they were as hot for each other as they were obsessed. Well, as obsessed as Cam was, anyway. He’s a very complex guy who had his scary moments but this book explains why he is the way he is (finally) and it only made me love him more… and want to strangle Thea lol.

Cam’s been locked up for breaking the rules, but where Thea’s concerned, no such boarders exist. Still, with his butt in hot water, he has no choice but to face the demons he can’t slice and dice with his weapons. He has to start dealing with what he’s been avoiding, because it’s his future with Thea on the line, now. And he definitely can’t risk that. Meanwhile, Thea’s having a hard time adjusting with all these new things thrown at her. She’s becoming a better angel, but after the attack that left her physically and emotionally hurting, it won’t matter if she has the best angels to watch her back. Can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, after all. Both of them have a lot to deal with, and while it’s always back and forth with these two, I still found myself liking them a little more with every page. Thea bugged me in this one when I felt like she was being mean but I also had to remind myself that she went through a lot. It was hard lol mainly because I wanted Cam to STOP HURTING OH MY GOD- but yeah. The big reveal was pretty intense. I didn’t want to see the ending, but I’m glad it ended the way it did.

I thought Ellis did a great job on her series so far (I hear there’s a spin-off!) and I really appreciated the emotional turmoil I got whenever I had to deal with Cam’s near stalker status and Thea’s… I don’t even know what you’d call it… human heart? Their romance gave me feels, the demonic bit gave me thrills, and I was overall left satisfied. Check it out if you love paranormal romance!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

Ruined by Power, Zoey Ellis


Not all habits can be broken…

Powerful, half-angel Thea faces the scrutiny of the Angel Realm and is beginning to realize that angels are nothing like how they are depicted in the human world. She is intrigued to hear information about her family and pursues the history that has been hidden to her for so long. As Thea tries to get the answers she needs, her faith in Cam is shaken when truths about him are revealed.

Power angel Cam is concerned when he realizes the Angel Realm has plans for Thea he wasn’t made aware of. He fights to keep her close and protect her from the challenges she faces. However, when the pressures on their relationship bear down, he teeters on the edge of a darkness that could cause her to walk away from him forever.

This book is a continuation of Cam and Thea’s story and there is a cliff-hanger at the end. Sexual scenes and strong language included. Not suitable for readers under 18.

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Claimed by Power by Zoey Ellis

Claimed By Power AMAZON LARGE

Not all angels are angelic…

Thea Robinson has never needed anyone’s charity. Sure, her impoverished existence isn’t desired by most, but her ability to manipulate people’s emotions helps her to blend into the shadows of an unforgiving city. When hideous creatures threaten her life, a surly but gorgeous stranger shows up revealing a world she didn’t know exited. She refuses to put up with his rude, arrogant attitude, but how do you dismiss a warrior angel? And does she really want to when his stormy gaze sends delicious thrills straight to her core?

Cam is one of the most ruthless Power angels in the fight against evil. His devotion to kill demons has made him a celebrated warrior in the Angel Realm, even though his motivation stems from grief. When he is assigned to train and protect a half-angel just coming into her abilities, his rage is unparalleled. Until he realizes Thea isn’t like any others. She stirs a carnal passion in him that he can’t shake.

He never counted on her being so beautiful… so fierce… so most definitely his.

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Cover Reveal: Claimed by Power by Zoey Ellis


Zoey Ellis spends most of her time thinking up stories that explore how love and romance can be tested by the darker side of our personalities and the heart-wrenching challenges that must be overcome for love to win, even if two people belong together.

A lover of the fantastical, Zoey enjoys how intense and vast the challenges can be for couples in the paranormal romance genre. Her goal is to build a body of work depicting thrilling, fantastical romances between demanding alpha heroes and fiery heroines hoping the love they make will scorch ereaders and melt hearts. With a soft spot for angels, dragons and alpha shifters, Zoey blends her love of a Happy Ever After with strangely unique worlds and complex plots.

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