Thank you InstaFreebie

InstaFreebie is an awesome website that offers books for free. Some of them are InstaFree on Amazon but other ones are as much as $3.99 (saw it myself, man!) so if you think about it, they’re saving you a shit ton of money.

So here’s my thank you, to show you the books I’ve gotten and reviewed (or will review) because maybe you’ll like it, too, you know? Now, not all of them are InstaFreebie links. But when I come across them, I’ll try to remember to link them here so you can join in on the fun! ^-^ Otherwise, here’s my ‘thank you’ to InstaFreebie for being awesome and sharing the love. I’ve honestly found some major favorite authors because of you.

Supernatural & Suspense

Dark Fantasy

Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Romance

Young Adult