Dragon Bones, Jasmine Walt & Ines Johnson

dragon bones cover

Meet Nia Rivers: archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem.

For the last couple of centuries, Nia has been trying to fill in the blanks of her past by shedding light on history’s darkest stories. Her motto: the ugliest stories are the ones that deserve to be told the most.

But when a mysterious woman comes forth with a two-thousand-year-old relic from Nia’s past, Nia isn’t sure if the story connected to it is one she wants told to the world. Unfortunately, Nia has no choice but to uncover the truth- fast -before a greedy land developer buries the site forever. The fact that he’s also an immortal, with a millennia-old grudge against her, doesn’t help. Neither do the dark assassins who have been stalking her for centuries, and who’ve suddenly decided to up their game to end her life.

Letting her enemies have their way might be best for Nia, especially when the truth might expose a horrific crime from Nia’s past. But all stories deserve to be told.

Even the ugliest ones.

Even if they say you might be a mass murderer.

mild spoilers because of the rating and my awe of what went down

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy, Romance
Title: Dragon Bones
Series: Nia Rivers Adventures #1
Author: Jasmine Walt+Ines Johnson
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Amazon
Pages: 218
Date: 5.12.17
Rating: 3.8/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

If this thing didn’t have those lagging sections, I’d totally be in heaven right now. I mean, if you saw Will Smith’s Hancock, with the thing about the immortals/supers not being able to stay together without turning human, then you’ll totally LOVE this. They really bring that to life! And our star is Dr. Nia Rivers, one of the immortals who doesn’t remember much of her long, long past. But she does know she loves a certain man. And she knows she loves what she does as an archaeologist. And she knows that if there’s anything worth in the world, it’s reconnecting the past with the present for a better future.

So I started this and couldn’t get into it because of the pacing and how the writing style was, but like… slowly, here and there, I’d get really cool moments that made me think twice about putting this down. And then by the time her boyfriend was introduced, and you hear about their issue (since he’s an immortal too) you’re then like “What the hell?” and can’t get enough. The romance and heartache of it all and the drama and hidden pasts really sucked me in. It made me read it all in one sitting, made me want to know more, and by the end, I was needing that second book that comes out in a few days.

Like… I can’t even explain how I felt about this. On one hand I didn’t like that it didn’t flow as well as I’m used to with one of the authors (I’m a huge fan of Jasmine Walt so I’ll pretty much read anything with her name on it), but on the other, I was totally psyched about what was going on. I mean, immortals? Living for thousands and thousands of years? Masquerading as everything- well I mean not everything -we’ve ever known? That bit, with the plot and the big reveal of this installment, was what made it all so satisfying. A few things with the characters took me out of the story at times, like Nia’s attitude and character not matching my idea of a seriously old woman, but I tried to ignore those nit-picky things and just enjoy what I was getting. When the scenes weren’t lagging, I was falling deeper for Nia and her life, and her men and the friends she makes along the way. It’s an honest-to-God interesting read when you aren’t being cock-blocked.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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