So Wild, Eve Dangerfield


As a teenager, Samantha DaSilva had two interests: running wild and messing with her posh neighbor.

The neighbor moved away– the coward –but the wild kept right on going. At least it did until her hippie father vanished, leaving her in charge of the family tattoo studio. As Sam struggles to keep the business afloat, her childhood nemesis returns.

Taller, blonder, and more offensively gorgeous than ever.

As a teenager, the wildest thing Scott did was get a crush on Sam DaSilva.

When that blew up in his face, he moved to London to pursue realistic goals and girls who didn’t set fire to his underwear. After unexpected circumstances pull Scott back into Sam’s orbit, he’s shocked to discover he’s still in love with a woman who doesn’t own a phone.

And who hasn’t forgiven a thing.

As Sam and Scott struggle to make sense of their mutual attraction, they confront some of life’s biggest questions — can you ever really get over the past? Is it better to be safe or sorry?

Is a spanking adequate punishment for putting someone’s virginity on eBay?

A kinky modern romance from a Melbournite and legit human female

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Title: So Wild
Series: Silver Daughters Ink #1
Author: Eve Dangerfield
Publisher: BookBaby

Source: Amazon
Pages: 331
Date: 10.3.18
Rating: 5/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

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Of all the books Dangerfield’s written so far, I’d say this one reads as one of the shorter ones, but in a totally fun and consuming way. It’s been a while since I read something light and simplistic, but at the same time, had its own form of complicated with some hilarious characters. There was one thing that slightly had me questioning the way of things, but I also feel like it made its own sort of sense, otherwise they wouldn’t be the people they are. And it wasn’t too bad, so it’s not like you’ll have to worry about the way either of their brains work. XD

The couples grew up as next-door neighbors, so already it’s a cuter and more adorable romance as the posh guy returns to Melbourne years later to find some excitement and fulfillment in his life. He and Sam have known each other since they were eight, and despite the difference in their social status, they were able to just “click” until something happened that resulted in a years’ old war of… well. Anyway, I thought it was funny that both liked each other but thought the other hated them. It’s a classical misunderstanding that leads to chapters of indecision and heady looks across the tables, but despite the slight detective work and hot moments going on, I still can’t get over how sweet it is. Like it’s just so damn sweet, I want to squeeze the heck out of this book. Like Scott, for example.

When he looks at Samantha, he sees someone who dances through life. She’s loud and stubborn and not at all poise like her identical twin sister, but when he watches her, he sees her glide with a dancer’s grace. Scott’s raised pretty stuffy and his parents aren’t the greatest or the most ideal, but he gets his joy from her and everything she does even if it annoys him. It’s pretty cute that he’s the more shy one of the pair, but he doesn’t always show it with his impressive suits and built body. And then there’s the other little thing he is that Samantha has seen from the beginning. His kindness. I like that despite the kinks they both have in the bedroom, they’re still able to hold onto their own form of softness.

For Scott, it’s his innate kindness, the foundation of his personality. Samantha really loves that about him (though she’d never say it out loud) and it’s what always brings her back whenever something sketchy happens. She currently feels like everything is going wrong in her life but his presence, with the presence of the other people I’m going to talk about in like eight seconds, is what makes her hope that better things will come around the corner. She’s in a real funk and it really shows you the kind of person she is. She worries, but she loves what makes her different, but at the same time thinks she’s only ever going to be what the rest of the world sees: a broke tattoo artist with ink and no direction. Scott is so organized and goal-oriented, and she’s so lax and kind of a ditz when it comes to adulting, but in this novel, they both learn to be different. And I liked that.

But even with all of that stuff, I’d still have to say that my absolute favorite thing about this is Sam’s sisters, Nicole and Tabitha. Nicole’s her twin but they’re total opposites. She’s got one tattoo, dresses well, and she moved far, far away to chase a different life that has nothing to do with her hippie father’s. She is intelligent and controlling, but I loved that Sam loved her so much in spite of all the other things she chose to do away from her family. And then there’s Tabby.

excited big brother GIF

She’s my absolute favorite character. Of anything I’ve ever read. I love that as the youngest sister, she’s the most reckless with the most success in living life. She travels, she dyes her hair and wears crop tops and tight spring dresses, and she smells like sunshine and crayons. She’s actually a genius, but instead of doing the nine-to-five, she goes all out and lives with the belief that everything will be alright. #goals

I love her so much. I love the additional lightness she brought to the book, and just like everyone else, I liked that they made Sam’s life what it is. They were all different, her sisters and employees, and when you add in Scott and his own people, it just makes one big thing that I’d totally wanna see on TV. Can someone make that happen like yesterday?

Overall, it’s a fun recommended read.
It’s next-door-neighbor adorable, it’s lightly sweet, spicy and funny, and honestly… If something can make me smile when I’m in a reading slump, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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