Demeter’s Tablet, Jasmine Walt & Ines Johnson

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Nia and Loren go head-to-head with Ancient Greek Gods in the next installment of this epic urban fantasy adventures series…

She went from sacrificial lamb to single Immortal, and with her self-appointed best friend, Loren, they left her heartache and China in search of a new adventure: a lost, ancient tablet that could lead them to the rumored group giving out everlasting life and riches.

It was supposed to be a girls’ trip, a chance to get over a man she’d loved for 500 years and another she’d learned she had forgotten about. She needs this distraction, for the sake of figuring out what else she’s forgotten, if not only to let her heart settle. But when a possible clue leads Nia and Loren in the middle of brewing trouble with the Greek gods, our dear archaeologist realizes that more rides on them finding the tablet than she originally thought.

In fact, she just may end up buried with the past she’s so adamant to find.

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy, Romance
Title: Demeter’s Tablet
Series: Nia Rivers Adventures #2
Author: Jasmine Walt+Ines Johnson
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Amazon: Pure Textuality PR
Pages: 220
Date: 7.13.17
Rating: 5/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

Archaeologist Nia Rivers is on a new adventure with her partner in crime, Loren, relaxing in the healing waters of Hungary. It’s a well-needed distraction from her recent and confused, aching heart, but true to her nature, curiosity gets the better of her and she has her eyes set on finding a solid lead to the group rumored to be hashing out immortality and riches. After nearly dying from being a sacrificial lamb, she’s determined to figure out what’s going on to assure that no other people- Immortal or otherwise -are being killed again. What starts as an easy detective case interrogating Millennials and attending private parties, quickly turns into a brewing war threatening to pour out of the small circle of the Greek gods and into the lives of the ignorant humans unaware of what lies within their country. But finding out that the gods are still around is not the surprising part. It’s that they know her, and she knows them… or she would, if she hadn’t forgotten about them, as well. And this time, the consequences just may get her killed. Again.

So I totally LOVED this. It was such a different experience cause when I read the first book, it felt like I was trudging through tar trying to get past the lags. It wasn’t bad, but it did take a while to get hooked. With this book, however, there was no question. Not even the second chapter and I was already dying of laughter, loving the tone and humor that set the reading experience on a good path. I freaking love Nia and the struggles she had, and though at times I got frustrated with her emotional choices, it was still something I couldn’t exactly hate her for. If anything, it gave me more to think about when the transitions came up. Loren was even more hilarious in this, and I loved that she had someone to fawn over from her own past while Nia got up and personal with her own. It was just amazing for me.

The writing style between Walt and Johnson were really good. It flowed, it moved the story and I ended up reading the whole thing in a sitting. A lot happens with Nia and the Greek gods. Nothing specifically about her and her deeper past, but still a part of her past all the same, and come on. How exciting is it to see Demeter them looking all hot and cool? I loved what they did with the Greek gods of old and how they gave them really intense, different personalities and looks that really made things fun.

I won’t go into detail that borderlines spoilers but I will say I loved Zeus and Hera. It was a weird thing but great, nonetheless. I just love the complicated people. I loved the whole thing, really, except maybe a small pause in the reading flow with the ending bit, but otherwise? It was great. Overall a really great read, a satisfying one that had me turning the pages on my kindle until the very end. I do hope that Nia figures out her feelings about Z and Tres, cause this love triangle is tearing my chest up with the good and bad feels, but seriously, as long as she’s doing her thing and going on adventures, finding out more about her past and the things she’s forgotten, I’m totally cool with keeping up with this series. If you haven’t started with this yet, definitely do so.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

The First Book in the Nia Rivers Adventures Series

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