Serpent Mound, Jasmine Walt & Ines Johnson


Nia Rivers returns for another adventure… and this time, it might just be her last.

For much of her life, Nia has uncovered, recorded, and tried to stop the genocide of humans. But now the tables are turned, and death is rushing to meet her. In order to stop it, Nia must uncover clues to the garden where her kind are fabled to come from before two more of them meet the end of their immortality.

The clues she finds leads her into the rainforests of Central America. In the heart of the modern Mayan world, she’ll reunite with the Balam, jaguar shifters whose ancentry may hold the key to getting into the underworld of the gods.

With the Balam queens at her side, Nia travels through the midwest of Native American tribal lands where the doorway to her ancestral home may lie just below the surface of the Serpent Mound. There the Mohegan, the world shifters of the north, are not the only ones who stand in her way. Someone is destroying ancient mounds and blocking her path to the underworld.

As time runs out, Nia must find a way into the underworld or another of her kind will die. And this time, that person could be her…

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy, Romance
Title: Serpent Mound
Series: Nia Rivers Adventures #4
Author: Jasmine Walt + Ines Johnson
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jasmine Walt
Pages: 231
Date: 11.17.17
Rating: 3.4/5

US | UK | AU

Dear Reader,

I thought this was a little more for the history buffs out there because while I do enjoy Dr. River’s adventures, I really wasn’t feeling this one. I like this series because it makes me like history (my worst subject in school) but this one just felt like too much. It gave me everything I finally wanted to know about, but instead of getting it in fun dialogues or other paranormal interaction, I got it in a bunch of history lessons. Just paragraphs and paragraphs of lessons… I low key missed Loren.

Nia’s struggle with the two men in her life comes to a somewhat even ending. I really liked that a few things were settled, and the ending of this book was actually pretty sweet. I just wish I’d enjoyed it as much as I had the others. Rather than being social, Nia was- this time -giving herself some heady one-on-one that didn’t really lead anywhere until Z and Tres helped her out. That was my take on it, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, this series isn’t bad. But with all the drama and constant over-analyzing, I was hoping for some good stuff to balance that out, like a steady relationship, or a solid goal, or something from Nia, if not for her. It was just an overall interesting read that had to happen in order for the next book to really bring it all. That one, I’m totally looking forward to.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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