Dragon’s Curse, Jada Storm & May Sage

dragon 3

Pregnant with their child.
Hunted for her life.

Will Dareena and her mates finally break the dreaded curse? Or will they succumb to the dark forces closing in around them?

Explicit sex scenes in this reverse harem fantasy romance

Genre: NA, Fantasy Romance, Reverse Harem
Title: Dragon’s Curse
Series: The Dragon’s Gift #3
Author: Jada Storm + May Sage
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jada Storm
Pages: 329
Date: 12.28.17
Rating: 3.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

I flop between a 3 and 4 with this book’s ratings because I had a pretty decent high with the first two and the covers are absolutely gorgeous, but while the beginning was full of detailed adventures and missions, the peak of the war personally felt a little dull, and this book’s all about the big war that’s been misplaced for how many decades now. Yes, I get that the story revolves around Dareena and her princes, and I actually love it when it’s her POV, but this war’s been a huge deal and is the foundation of pretty much everyone’s problems. To get a bunch of good stuff when they’re prepping for war with the mage kingdom and then have it all be wrapped up in a matter of two chapters was a little anticlimactic.

The sex was good, sometimes even super hot. When they weren’t having sex, though, I felt a little disconnected, and it’s a bummer because Dareena’s situation is so unique to her and her people, you know? The only drama in their relationship was with Drystan’s anger at a misunderstanding that I think wasn’t too plausible, but I’ll let it go. However, it’s still a romance, and despite the perfect life they all lead, I just wasn’t feeling it. And I think that’s what made me like this a little less. It’s because I wasn’t feeling the romance, that I was then disappointed when the war- the only thing I had left -wasn’t what I thought it’d be. I think a little more could’ve been done so it didn’t feel so inconsistent.

It was still pretty exciting, though, like with all the other smaller things Dareena had to deal with in the castle, and though I was bored with one of the brother’s POV, it had its moments of high excitement and cute moments you’d been waiting to see since the beginning. Overall a pretty good series with gorgeous covers if you love fantasy and reverse harem.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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